Springhill Suites by Marriott | Anaheim

Pulling up to the hotel, you will notice that half of the first floor is taken up by a large pharmacy. Frankly, having a pharmacy on site is definitely convenient. At the other end of the building there is a coffee shop. If espresso is something you crave this little place has it covered. I also noted that the front of the property which faces of busy street was pristine and well manicured with giant palm trees that are lit up in the evenings and flowering ground cover that offered pops of blue and green throughout walking in the front door, the first thing you notice is a large bronze statue of Mickey, yes in this market, Disney is king. Behind the front desk is a huge digital display that during my visit, which was a Marriott convention, displayed colorful pictures, as well as a welcome for our incoming group. 


The front desk staff was welcoming and offered me an upgrade since the specific type of room that I had reserved was not ready. The desk staff during my stay work kind and smiling.


My room, which was a family suite came complete with two bunkbeds and two queen size beds. This room would be perfect for a traveling family with three or even four kids. The room was spotless and offered amenities such as a microwave and refrigerator. Although this room is set up for traveling families, and definitely geared towards that Disney adventure, it was not conducive for a business traveler such as myself. it had no true desk space and no desk chair and offered instead a small space that could be considered a desk and little Ottomans for seating yes geared towards kids, including the print on the wall. They took me back a couple of years,  of Cars, wonder whatever happened to Mator? 


The room itself was spotless. They offered housekeeping service every other day, which is somewhat standard since Covid. The shower was large and the hot water plentiful. The one criticism, is the bed… Time to change the mattresses. High occupancy has definitely taken a toll on these mattresses. Not only did I experience the mattress in my room. I got the opportunity to see several rooms which all had similar issues with obviously worn mattresses. 


Each morning the breakfast buffet was restocked continuously and they did a fantastic job in keeping the supplies plentiful in the individuals moving through. The breakfast is a typical “hotel breakfast” no real bells and whistles, but the Disney shaped waffles were hit with the kids. 


On the top floor, this hotel offered a sundeck, a large pool and a gym. Not real sure why you would put a gym above sleeping rooms yet this was a choice this property made. The pool was smaller as most rooftop pools are but well appointed with comfortable chairs for lounging, the rooftop deck offered large windows that overlooked Disneyland, giving you a perfect spot to view fireworks when you were just too exhausted to continue at Disneyland and needed a break. The gym was well appointed, but never seem to be open. When I was there it stated that it was opened until 10 PM, but at 9:35 PM the doors were locked and the lights were off. 


Hotel Opinion Review Score

Room – 3 (Bad Mattress | No Desk Chair)

Amenities – 4

Service – 5 (Smiles Every Where / Anticipated Our Needs)

Food and Beverage 3 – (Typical Hotel Breakfast)

Attention to Detail -5

Average Hotel-Opinion Review Score – 3

(Scale 1=Poor        2 = Hit & Miss                  3= Good             4 =Better        5=Best