Bed and Breakfast's

B&B’s or bed and breakfasts are different from hotels and are growing in popularity. With the birth of www.AirBnB.com people are renting out rooms in these homes and calling it a B&B… I guess it is a bed and a breakfast if they cook you something to eat, but I look for something more when I travel. Staying at a B&B is different for a hotel because as a rule you staying in someone’s home.

If your driven to get the real flavor of a community and understand what locals love about their town then what better way to do it that sleep in someone’s home and take time to spend time picking your hostess brains.  B&B’s, as a rule are in neighborhoods and hotels are in commercial areas. B&B’s are usually manned by the owners who have a vested interest in your happiness.

There are good bed and breakfasts and there are bad ones just like hotels. Take time and review what people are saying about them. A good rule of thumb, when it come to review sites ( most are now 1 to 5 with 5 being great) is if a B&B is a 4 or better it is a safe bet but do your homework. Look at Hotel-Openion.com, Expedia.com, tripadvisor.com and Facebook.com see what people are saying. Please note one bad review does not make a bad B&B look at the trend if the first 10 are all 4 and 5 and the last 10 are all 1 and 2 with a couple of 3’s  I think you can come to the conclusion that place is out of date or something has changed. If a B&B has several great reviews and 1 bad one…well you know the old adage “You can’t make everyone happy” and as a rule the bad review is more about the person writing it than it is about their stay.

Some B&B are hosted by hospitality professionals like Huffman House in Minden, LA and some are managed by Mom and Pops. As long as Mom and Pop understand what clean is, and are NOT grumpy old farts you good either way.

As disclosed on the home page my wife and I opened a bed and breakfast in Minden, LA in August HH RWB2015. I have ran hotels since 1980 and my wife  became a hotel manage in 1996 so we have been running successful hotels and have a combined experience of over 55 years. For Kim, my wife, this was a life lone dream and it shows in how she treats every guest as well as showing in the special touches. At this time Huffman House has a score of 5 out of 5 on Expedia.com and is the Top rated B&B in North Louisiana. When we opened we wanted to do something different and shake up B&B’s by modernizing ours on the inside but leaving the charm of the 1918 exterior in tact. We call it a Micro Luxury Inn. Huffman House Bed and Breakfast offers modern conveniences expected by most travelers but usually not found in a B&B such as WiFi, HD TV’s, microwaves, refrigerators, irons, ironing board, on suite bathroom and expanded cable. Then we pushed it over the top with a pool, pool house with full kitchen, dinning room, veranda dining, bikes and 1000 thread count sheets. As you explore the world of Bed and Breakfast please peruse our site at www.Huffman.House . The Huffman House is a Huffman Management property.

We did not stop with Huffman House B&B we added Huffman Manor Inn in 2022. I guess we can’t get enough. Huffman Manor Inn is just 2 doors down from Huffman House and was built in 1910. It sits on just over 3 acres and has that old world charm and feel.