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Huffman Manor Inn, Minden Louisiana

Huffman Manor Inn in Minden, Louisiana is an outstanding place to stay. Its exceptional service and the breathtaking historical home, built in 1910, make it a hidden gem that’s well worth a visit.

Location – 5/5 Nestled in the heart of Minden, Huffman Manor Inn enjoys a prime location that’s second to none. Surrounded by picturesque landscapes and historic streets, this inn offers guests an authentic taste of local life. It’s the perfect base for exploring nearby attractions, indulging in local cuisine at nearby restaurants, and leisurely strolls through the charming streets of Minden.

Architecture – 4/5 The inn’s architecture pays homage to Minden’s rich heritage. Featuring stained glass windows, beautiful hard wood floors, and a grand front porch, it exudes old-world charm. The serene courtyard, complete with an hot tub and deck, provides a peaceful oasis for guests to unwind and soak in the historic ambiance.

Amenities – 4/5 Huffman Manor Inn offers a well-rounded selection of essential amenities to ensure a comfortable stay.  Microwave, mini refrigerators and high speed internet.

Service – 5/5 The staff at Huffman Manor Inn are warm and attentive, adding a personal touch to your stay. 

Dining – 3/5 The dining experience at the inn could benefit from enhancement but due to the zoning you will only have the option of breakfast. The breakfast is cooked to order and the even give you 3 or 4 iems to choose from; I recommend the cajon biscuits and gravy served with andouille sausage and fresh eggs from their farm. 

Attention to Detail – 4/5 Huffman Manor Inn excels in paying attention to the little details that matter. The rooms are impeccably clean, and the overall maintenance of the property is commendable. The presence of fresh flowers and the soothing backdrop of jazz music create a delightful and welcoming atmosphere throughout the inn.

In summary, Huffman Manor Inn offers a truly enchanting stay in Minden, Louisiana. Its historic charm, exceptional location, and friendly staff make it an ideal choice for travelers looking to immerse themselves in the local culture. It excels in delivering value and ambiance, making it a solid option for your Minden getaway.

Hotel Opinion Review Score: 4/5

*Disclaimer- I have tried to be unbased as possible this in and it sister hotel Huffman House bed and break are owned and operated by Huffman Management, LLC