MJ’s Elvis Rockin’ Oldies

Elvis Tribute Artist
Schedule – For More Information Call MJ (601)940-4247
All Shows At The Clarion Hotel at 1471 E. Brooks Rd. Memphis, TN 38116

Thursday August 8th

7:00pm- Jason Baglio
8:00pm- Josh Davis
11:00pm- MJ’s Elvis Rockin’ Oldies Band Practice (free for the early birds)

Friday August 9th

3:00pm- Robert Washington
5:00pm- Gino
7:00pm- Jason Baglio
9:00pm- Josh Davis
11:00pm- MJ’S Elvis Rockin’ Oldies Band (Opener: Fisher Stevens)
(Open Mic for all ETA’s; Admission is $20.00 at the door)

Saturday August 10th

1:00pm- Jason Baglio
Mark Stevenz
3:00pm- “Killer & King”
Josh Davis
Terry Turner
5:00pm- Austin Irby
Jason Baglio
7:00pm- Lloyd Douglas
9:00pm- Chris Connor
12:00am- MJ’S Elvis Rockin’ Oldies Band (Opener Austin Irby)
(Open Mic for all ETA’S $20.00 at the door)

Sunday August 11th

1:00pm-Jeff Lewis
Robert Washington
3:00pm-Ted Torres
Cliff Wright
5:00pm- Mark Rio
7:00pm- Gino
Fisher Stevens
9:00pm- Lloyd Douglas
12:00am- MJ’S Elvis Rockin’ Oldies Band (Opener: Gino)
(Open Mic for all ETS’S $20.00 at the door)

Monday August 12th

11am- “Elvis Explosion” Kicking off Elvis Week (25 performers)
($20.00 at the door: Featuring from Jerry Lee’s Bar & Grill on Beale: “Killer of Keys”- Jason James)
5:00pm- Jerry Turner
7:00pm- Gino
9:00pm- Chris Connor
12:00pm- Victor Trevino Jr.
w/ MJ’s Elvis Rockin’ Oldies Band
Jeff Lewis, Gino, Cliff Wright, Sasha McVeigh

Tuesday August 13th
11:00am- “Elvis Louisiana Hayride & Legends”
“Rock-n-Roll Revue” ( Special Tribute to George Jones by Lundie Wright, Sr.)
5:00pm- Andy Wood
7:00pm- Anthony Shore
9:00pm- David Morin
Rob Ely
Anthony Carbone
11:00pm- MJ’s Elvis Rockin’ Oldies Band (Featuring Johnny Rogers)
(Open Mic for all ETA’S $20.00 at the door)

Wednesday August 14th

11:00am- “Elvis Rajun Cajuns & Friends”
Jason Baglio
Cody Wise
Austin Irby
Josh Davis
Joey Trites
Todd Bodenheimer
Jeff Lewis
3:00pm- Robert Washington
Jeff Lewis
5:00pm- Gino
7:00pm- “Killer & King”
9:00pm- E Rock
11:00pm- Joe Kent Show (Preforming 20 years at EP Rock-n-Roll Café)

Thursday August 15th

11:00am- “Elvis” Candlelight Special Day
Andy Wood St. Jude’s Charity Concert (Over 30 ETA’S)
7:00pm- Gino
Jeff Lewis
Robert Washington
10:00pm-“Elvis Remembered” (for all fans who cannot attend vigil)
MJ’S Elvis Rockin’ Oldies Band
Midnight Gospel

Friday August 16th

12:00pm- Andy Wood
Rob Ely
Eli Williams
3:00pm- Travis Powell & EAS Band
5:00pm- Franz From Belgium
7:00pm- David Allen and MJ’s Elvis Rockin’ Oldies Band
9:00pm- E-Rock
11:00pm- “Ultimate Elvis Winner”
Bill Cherry & EAS Band
12:00am- Joe Kent Show ( Performing 20 years at EP Rock-n Roll Café
1:00am- Late Night Jammin’ (Open Mic for all ETA’S

Saturday August 17th

12:00pm- Cliff Wright
David Morin
Austin iRBY
3:00PM- Chad Collins
Eli Williams
5:00pm- Franz From Belgium
7:00pm-Vince King
9:00pm Justin Edwards & Band
11:00pm- MJ’S Fan Appreciation
Elvis Farwell Party Celebration
MJ’S Elvis Rockin’ Oldies Band (Featuring Rockin Luke)
“Ultimate After-Party at the Clarion”
(fan appreciation price: $10:00)

Sunday August 18th

1:00pm- Jeff Lewis
Cliff Wright
Austin Irby
Joey Trites
Jerome Jackson
Todd Bodenheimer
E- Rock
Josh Davis
Jason Baglio

10:00pm- “Elvis Finale”
Goodbye Time for Fans
Rockin the Flock with MJ’s Elvis Band and all ETA’S
“Happy Trails- Until We Meet Again”
(MJ’S Birthday Cake serves for Fans )
$20.00 at the door

Elvis Tribute Artist Shows For Elvis Week 2013-
ETA Shows For Elvis Week 2013 at the Clarion Hotel Memphis. As seen on Hotel-Opinion.com. MJ’s Elvis Rockin’ Oldies Concerts.

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