Getting The Best Cruise Deal Step 3

Last Updated on September 26, 2013 by James Huffman

Getting the Best Cruise Deal– Step 3:

Know the rules of the Cruise line you’re booking with. One of the biggest ways for cruise companies to make a few extra dollars is they charge you for sodas and for alcoholic beverages. Different cruise companies have different rules regulating the amount of sodas and or alcohol you can bring aboard, check the details closely of the cruise line your booking with. Carnival allows each sailing individual to bring along 12 sodas or bottles water. Each guest of the age of 21 can bring one bottle of wine or champagne aboard note that the bottle should not be bigger than .75 L. As we were boarding for this cruise we noted a gentleman arguing that his half-gallon of wine was one bottle of wine …nope they do pay attention to the size.

Free cocktails poolside make this a great cruise.

 A second thing that we did to make this the best cruise deal possible for us was; we pre-ordered a bottle of Sky Vodka. Make sure your do all your pre-orders 48 hours or more before sailing. Prior to boarding we went to Starbucks and purchased two very large insulated cups with lids and straws. Each morning after breakfast we filled our cups with orange juice and the mix juice blend that they had available during breakfast hours and utilized those juices to make us poolside cocktails for the day. This little trick saved us quite a bit of money when the average poolside cocktail was $8-$12 per drink. No we are not cheap but we had rather spend our money on shore excursions and gifts.

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